Deconstructing the Protocols
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Protocol I : The Basic Doctrine

     The introduction to the Protocols categorizes us, Goyim, as being weak and selfish, more concerned with personal wealth and well being over everything else. There are those elements in any society but as a whole i give us more credit than that. Aren't the Protocols in their way a selfish plot for the well being of their own at the expense of everyone else? We are better than they would have you believe, and any who do feel the way of the former can grow out of that through knowledge and experience. Gold over faith is also put forward here, not being religious myself, a personal choice, i would rather have the gold too, although i don't consider myself overly greedy nor wanting for a religion either. However that's not the point of this part of Protocol I, it is part of a plot to corrupt men and women of stature into doing their bidding, to try and have them go against their own people in exchange for wealth which this Zionist entity has in spades from banking activities past and present. Right away they also go into how they need to keep what they are doing secret from the rest of the populace, the Goyim, and to do so, under guise, until they are so powerful they cannot be defeated or until there is nothing we can do to stop them. We came close to this but fortunately are not there yet, we can still turn this around and put an end to what they are doing. They are not overly concerned with what the citizens of nations are doing, as they try to keep the heads of states in tow as that governs what the people can do about this foreign occupier. The plan was, and is to use bribery, deceit and treachery to gain control of these governments the world over so they can control their monetary systems and live in a monied heaven on the backs of other hard working people. Money doesn't make happiness of course though, but they have developed a taste for it and what it can buy. In the tail end of the first Protocol is another assumption that we are weak and can not stand up for ourselves against them, that we can be bought, threatened or just plain distracted enough to let them take over the world with this plot of theirs. Well we are not, and will fight this evil plan no matter what is being put up against us. Be strong, brave, and work together to stop them and what they are doing, once and for all

Protocol II : Economic Wars

     It is here that is said wars should not be fought for territorial gains but for economical reasons, war after war without land lost, only money to fund these wars again and again, bankrupting nations throughout these instigated instances. Generals in these armies chosen on the basis of level of subservience while the real figures behind these wars stay hidden in the shadows, where the rest of Zionists are. Hidden ones who have been raised from children to be leaders of their sect, we see these people in the here and now as well, moreso with the advent of television where they are broadcast to us, trained to be these mechanical beings who have it ingrained to try and fool us, the Gentile. The stated goal is to assimilate to us, to become friendly to us in order to bring us down from within, this is very visible in todays society. Here is also the first mention of controlling the press, that we Goyim cannot understand or make use of. But we can of course, and it will be by far better in our hands than theirs, a complete 180 in fact, a press for the people not against it. i for one cannot wait for this as right now it's a scoundrels landscape, virtually every paper, channel and other medium in their grasp, except the internet, and that is where we will shine. Closing off this chapter of the Protocols is the mention that 1 Jewish life is worth 1,000 Goyim, go figure as the translation of Goyim is cattle. This is how they think, that we are disposable in their quest for power and money, that our lives are worthless compared to theirs, in reality it is the just, honest and noble of each of us that should rise to the top, not the most mischievous. We can create a new society not run by them and have a much better go of it, a happy existance not one based on fear and greed. Think of all the good things we can do without them at the helm, and make all of our goals a reality

Protocol III : Methods of Conquest

     At the time of writing the Protocols the elders of Zion proclaim that they are only a few steps away from, as they put it, holding Europe in the powerful vice of their symbolic snake. We've resisted them as best we can while working against an invisible enemy, invisible until now. Part of their plan is to use poverty as a weapon, to bankrupt nations around the world by putting them into debt to the Jewish bankers. As a perceived result of this is disorder among us, broke people of broke nations. The newly broke citizens are now supposed to be greedy and envious, while the opposition takes out anyone who might hinder them. Because of these type of actions we must all stay together to combat them, all looking out for each other so they can't pick us off, this is the big time, as big as you get, sink or swim. In this global battle they have planned to pit nation against nation, an invisible, they say, force creating worldwide poverty and strife. If one group rises against them they fool another to come to their rescue. The end product of all this, when the people are tired of war is to impose draconian laws and practices to 'protect' them, when really it is just a loss of rights and freedoms that benefit the Zionist entity so they cannot be stood up to again. Thankfully, we are not there right now and need to make sure we never are

Protocol IV : Materialism Replace Religion

     The Elders wanted to create a cult of gold, people so entranced with money they would put aside anything else to get it, which is kind of like the Elders themselves actually. But they way they figured it everyone would be wandering around caring about oneself in the endless quest for more money, letting everyone else become secondary to them and care not for others wellness. We have not become that way though, there is a lot of good in us and it shows in what we do, people we help along the way and in many cases spend our lives at the aid of others. The Zionists got it wrong and their vision didn't come true, sure we like money, who doesn't really, but mainly only those with addictions are the ones who most often hurt others for themselves. With the goal of replacing religion, the opposition wanted to instill a hatred towards the privileged, having those people turn against who the Zionists wanted them to be against, rivals for power and the intellectuals of the Goyim. Today we do have envy, greed, and other not so great characteristics to some extent, mostly traits we've learned from television and other mediums, which were quickly scooped up by Jewish barons. We need to put a curb on this materialism that was to be made a mainstay in our lives, watch and read media of our own and not theirs, all the while working to put an end to their media monopoly so others don't have to be subject to such mental garbage. If you were raised on such media you can still go against what has been attempted to be ingrained on you and be much happier for it

Protocol V : Despotism and Modern Progress

     Slowly, your liberties are being taken away. That's what they are trying to do. Have it so you have no say in what goes on in government, so you cannot express your opinion or views let alone act on them. You cannot criticize those in power, you cannot criticize the ones orchestrating those in power, that's what they want and you can't let them have it. A sub-section of this chapter is titled "masses led by lies" and that's what we still have now more than a century later. Television (the Zionist stations) being the main culprit. Fake talk show guests, fake gameshow contestents and fake witnesses and events on their news media. They refer to you in this chapter as an unthinking mob, again, the mentality we have to deal with, deal with. It even proclaims that for 20 centuries they have fostered religious and race hatred, and that too is going on, still. The whole agenda, what all of this amounts to, is to create a one-world government, because having one global system means one global finacial institution, and guess who would be in charge of that. The word used is to subdue, do you want to be subdued into handing the riches of the world to a global banking cartel? No. That would have one happy party and a world full of very unhappy poor people. "There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative", so have a lot of it

Protocol VI : Take-Over Technique

     It is put forth here that the Zionist entity should create huge monopolies that the Goyim will be dependent on, if banking and media wasn't enough. These huge enterprises are meant to bring forward a one-world super government who will be presented as a protector, a benefactor, while being neither. People will be deprived of land, making it so outrageously expensive that you will be endebted to the bank for many years, longer an longer as time goes on. Through activities such as these they have the goal of enslaving all gentiles, their words. And that's what you see and will see over time until these practices are brought to an end. We will not do as they want, which is to bow down before them for the right to exist, we will exist very much better without them. There are so many areas that they have their grasp on, and so much for us to do, and fix. They have been screwing with everything they can and twisting it to form their own benefit that we need to take back what was ours to begin with but currently is not

Protocol VII : World-Wide Wars

     Since war is so profitable they like having them often, in the process putting world populaces into unpayable debt because of the massive incurring interest. The United States for example can hardly pay said interest let alone the rest of the amount owed. But wars get waged, not by the public but by those in government who are in Jewish pockets, racking up debt to fund these ventures. To them it doesn't matter who is at war, as long as they are. One of their instruments in this is also mentioned, the great power, the press, already in their hands. And it is, pushing for these wars in all of their media. Without their rabble-rousing we could very well work things out and not have these infinite battles for the gain of a group of bankers

Protocol VIII : Provisional Government

     They have been busy, for a long time against us behind the scenes. One example is the training of this mindset to a select few, which i'm sure has grown in number over time, in special schools designed to raise their youth into Zionist machines. Whether it be in finance, government, television or any other of numerous occupations. These super-schools are Unbeknownst to the general public, and outsiders sure aren't welcome, this is where they teach on how to put the Protocols into being reality, from text to continuing the actual , all the different ways to subdue and hinder us from taking action against them, not all of us know what they are doing, so we need to have a mass awareness campaign of sorts, it will start on the internet but will grow to all the available means we have

Protocol IX : Re-education

     Peace would be nice, but it doesn't come free, before we can have that we have some tasks to do to prepare and allow us to have that beloved peace. They want to rule by force of will, well we must have an equal amount if not more of force of will. To face this adversary while not being tricked by it's ploys or brought down by threats, bribery or all of the other what have you. Peace, according to the Protocols we should only be given a false peace, one with the richest on top and us the slaves below, given paltry freedoms and liberties as it suits them. Peace, promised to us if we all become subservient the world over and submit to their plot for a global super-government, which would have the same effect. This plot needs money to carry out their deeds and supply them with abundence along the way, so they have their finest bankers working hard to bamboozle us, again i'm looking at the Federal Reserve to start with, which must be audited then taken apart. One world government means one world economy, which means one world leader which mean one world bank, that is the goal, one bank world wide to borrow from and pay interest to. While this is going on nations need leaders, and they want to choose them, giving you the illusion that you are the one voting, but in reality you are voting between two candidates of their choice, it doesn't happen often where a sitting President goes against Israel or it's machinations. Even so, choose the best you can and work over time to have a better election process. Become involved in what the government is doing, keep tabs on them, form groups to stand up, to protest and to demand action together. They mention that if we guess what they are doing before the time comes, that we will rise against them arms in hand, which doesn't sound so bad or far off

Protocol X : Preparing for Power

     Stated by them at the begining of this chapter is a reassertion that their goal is world power, with us their loyal peons below them. Us, in their words, a blind mighty force which can only move in any direction with the guidance of their agents. Even they, again in their own words, refer to what they are doing and what they have planned as schemes, multiple times. One such action they are taking is going from a government of the people for the people, to despotism. In which will over time eradicate everything constitutional and replace that with laws of and for their own. If we want to enjoy the freedoms and liberties we have now, and keep them in our future, we will all need to work together to stop this subversive group and their global agenda. People from all walks of life and people from every nation are all affected so need to organise with each other to stop what's being attempted. If we don't they will succeed, so it matters so much what you do for all of us, we and everyone else is counting on you

Protocol XI : The Totalitarian State

     Freedom of the press, right of association, freedom of conscience, voting principle and more "must disappear forever from memory of man". All of these would help counter what they are doing so have no place in what they want in this world, which is infact not theirs but ours. We do everything here, all they do is live off our hard work. Here they refer to us as sheep and them as the wolves, is that better than cattle? i'd rather have neither. Since this plot is against the world entire they enjoy their so called gift of dispersion, which they think of as not their weakness but their strength. And there is truth to that, why have a home base when you can have your hands in everyones pie. There is a saying which they view as funny, "See you in Jerusalem" when really they have no intention of leaving their lot in other nations around the world where they can work against them from inside. This is one of the main reasons we all must stay together on what we are doing, or out from one into another, instead indeed make them meet in Jerusalem

Protocol XII : Control of the Press

     The situation with what is happening in the press is deplorable. They now own the far majority of media, at the time it was newspapers and magazines, now in addition to that you have television, movies, videogames, you name it. Fortunately we have the internet (the best of them all). They do have a presence here but it's mostly ours, let's make the most of it while keeping it out of their grasp. As for these and other forms of media they have, they have a hold on them where the only information that gets put out there is only what is approved by them. "Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control" is the plan. But we can do fine without them, i'm saying to you that you don't need Zionist media, it's there, it's huge, but it has negative intentions against you, stick with our internet or the few stations and such we actually have. They don't permit our media to get off the ground, we must battle to get it there, such as media reform which has a list of actions to take to achieve. And won't that be nice, heaven compared to now. There's a whole chapter in this Protocol titled "only lies permitted" to "confuse" you, do you really want to spend any amount of time watching them do that to you and the ones you care about? No, so don't let them

Protocol XIII : Distractions

     i like these distractions, so can you in your time off from working against Zionism. Amusements, games, pastimes, passions, people's palaces, competitions in arts and sports. Sound good to me. Just make sure you have other actions as your priorities. Here's a clincher though, as it is stated their plot has not so much as been guessed at over the course of many centuries. The Protocols are a culmination of years of this, put into a plan at the mentioned time roughly a century ago, but their agenda and "ideas" to get them to the place they are trying to get to has been going on for centuries to say the least. The Protocols weren't just devised at the end of 1800's, they've been in practice for a long long time before such. Now it's our time though, and we definitely have the means available to us to end these many years of misery brought to us by them

Protocol XIV : Assault on Religion

     The religion they want has them as the chosen people, go figure, with the desire to sweep away all other religions and forms of belief. As it was mentioned in Protocol IV they either want people in their religion, or materialism. There's a place for everyone and what they want to believe, or should be to a cetain extent. i guess this would be a good time to mention the Talmud, the Jewish supremacist bible. If you ever want to be sickened by a religion, this would be the one. There are books and quotes available online for you to read so i won't get into any of those right here, but you should really be aware of what they are following, it goes to mentality and is still practiced by Jews around the world

Protocol XV : Ruthless Suppression

     We just had the 15th anniversary of 9-11. The reason i bring this up is a mention here in Protocol XV about having a world wide coup d'etat happen in one day, this kind of fits the bill. Every nation in a scramble to protect themselves against terrorism, sacrificing freedom and liberty to achieve an almost police state in order to protect themselves. i'll also mention here that the very least of what happened was that this was allowed to happen, if not planned and helped along by other interests, and it's not too far to suppose Zionist interests were greatly achieved because of what happened that day. Given this new reality we are also in because of not only 9-11 but television conditioning we have been made complacent, which we cannot be for the sake of our well being, we must take up what we can against them, as is said in this Protocol they will slay without mercy anyone who takes up arms against them, and new societies punished with death. Well as was said, let the enemy fill our streets with blood, we will stand against them, or to that effect. We greatly outnumber them, by billions, what they have billions of is dollars, and they spend that money on television that fools us and keeps us complacent. So for a channel let's say, they have writers, cameramen, actors and actresses, so on and so forth. That channel/show goes into the homes of millions and holds us that way (again, don't watch them) and by doing such control these millions of people with only a few of theirs. We can and must stand up in numbers, we will overrun them and they have no armies except our own, who are also ones of us and will aid in our endeavor. Want to know what they say guarentees their success? That the "Goyim mind is underdeveloped in comparisson to the Jewish mind". Well we sure are doing a hell of a lot of wonderful things, and that's without their help, it's us doing all of this while they sit back and collect the interest on the money we borrow to do such things. We have a cure for cancer on the way, space travel, you name it were doing it, the good stuff, not what they are doing. Centuries we've been at the mercy of their, again as they say it, schemes, and still accomplished everythig you see on a daily basis. It is mentioned here that there were Learned Elders of ancient times, and they have that right, although those Elders weren't right in what they were putting forward. We have advanced, they have old tricks. Living only on money generated by our hard working men and women who are actually accomplishing things. This chapter closes out with a statement, that everything in this world is in a state of submission, don't believe it, because we're not. We must take great, great effort to stop what they have been trying to, and many are, let's increase these numbers astronomically, have people turn off their tv's and get to putting their own hands forward working on all the different aspects of Zionism that have taken hold and remove that grasp they have. They have been at this for centuries, let's make this the last one where their agenda can be placed in effect against us. Let's make this world ours again and better than ever

Protocol XVI : Brainwashing

     With them trying to take over the world they want to try have it so no one knows about it. In this chapter they speak about keeping a hold on universities. As far as i know universities are doing very well and are on the up and up in their Curriculum, where there are failings though is in censorship going on whenever there is criticism of Israel or mention of action put forward to boycott Israel. Keep our schools and universities free from Zionist agenda, in fact teach facts and give skills that will prepare our youth against Zion

Protocol XVII : Abuse of Authority

     One way or the other, through religion or materialism, Zion has their bases covered in having a grip on you. Here is mentioned about destroying churches, maybe because they don't like morals and want everyone to be automatons living in sin, greed and depravity, this makes it easier for them. Thing is you can have morals with or without religion, and morality is not a weakness but a strength, one we have. It is with us even in dark times, we can be kind in even the most trying of situations. There's a task for us, let's do this for each other and to the best of our ability. There's a lot to do

Protocol XVIII : Arrest of Opponents

     Authority needs to have checks and balances, to be made accountable. The Zionist plan for a one world government is anything but and would have no failsafes just global slavery unable to put anything forward or fight the ones putting us through this. Everyone in the world working to pay off an insurmountable debt to the ones at the top, conditions which will get worse and worse all the time when with all this work we should and deserve to live a happy life filled with prosperity

Protocol XIX : Rulers and People

     Description, we are a lap dog yapping at an elephant. This is not true, we are the elephant, even bigger than that. They are small in numbers but puff themselves up through their media. We just need all of us to gain the knowledge we need about Zionism and together put it to our use in defeating them. With and when the world is united they don't stand a chance

Protocol XX : Financial Programme

     This financial program of Zion is "their crowning and decisive point of their plans". Causing chaos when it suits them, to the detriment of families already scraping to get by. Another depression is not above them either, whatever gets more money for them and them alone

Protocol XXI : Loans and Credit

     Most of the way they get their immense amounts of money is through interest on loans, personal loans yes, but moreso with the Federal Reserve who is really just a bank, the bank that loans America money, for things like the aforementioned endless wars instigated by the Zionist entity to get more an more money borrowed from them, causing more and more debt to the point that it is unpayable

Protocol XXII : Power of Gold

     The gold is all in their hands, it might be a good form of currency but there is not enough to run the world with so we have dollars, but while they have the gold they dish out worthles i.o.u's, debt notes that have no value more than the paper they're printed on. There needs to be reserves, and the Federal Reserve is not one. It's an uphill battle against their money monopoly but something we must do so as not to enslave humanity to pay off these debts. It's been said that money is the root of all evil, well the Protocols state they have been doing evil for centuries, and they have, they used to be called money-changers to fund themselves. But yes, all their evil is for money

Protocol XXIII : Instilling Obedience

     Accustomed to obedience? No thanks. We must not become complacent, dulled by their media. They try though. Instead be strong, stand up to them, do what we need to. We need to. We have a good start, and there are many people working against what they are doing already, you be one too

Protocol XXIV : Qualities of the Ruler

     "None to come to knowledge of our secrets" Well i wouldn't be so quick about that. We have a great tool that will help us accomplish just that, again, the internet (and a few good of other media but they are rare). With this we can put forward news, ideas, petitions, protests, contact any entity you want to and so much more. Don't let them eat away, disrupt this wonderful form of communication we have in this. And make use of it. They have been as well and we need to keep pace and counteract them. If we sit idly by on the sidelines to watch what happens instead of participating ourselves then we will slowly lose everything we've worked so hard to accomplish. What they've been doing over these centuries is despicable, and the culmination of this as a plot against us in the Protocols is an act of war. There are answers on how to deal with each and every problem we are facing because of them, do what you can, follow the steps and make sure they don't succeed in any of their plans