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     It's worrisome sometimes, thinking that we might fail in our effort when we really have no other option of what to do. To have all nations of the world slip into slavery at the hands of the Zionist entity, the group that has worked against us all these many years and is more powerful now than they have ever been despite our advances. At least now many of us are learning about what they are doing. But this is not just worrisome, it is a fear of sorts, because of the consequences if they take over everything that matters to us which we connot allow to happen. We are currently in a mix of good happenings and not, and it only gets worse from here if we let this keep sliding towards them controlling the media, economy and governments, moreso. Instead we need to organize ourselves and become a strong entity of our own and put an end to what they have been and are right now doing. We need to succeed or we as a global society will completely fail by their hands. It is troubling, to say the least, to think of our world under their rule, which we have been given a glimpse of through our current state of living. Do you want to continue with what they are doing and have planned? It only gets worse from here unless we all get together and stand up collectively against them, which is something we can very much do and need to. You must, we must. Zionism is a plan, and they've worked on pushing it forward over many years, now it is our time to counteract what they have been doing and to make sure they cannot continue doing this against our present and future. We have steps to take, paths to follow, and we must actually go through with those to make the difference we need, otherwise we slip further into their plans and it only becomes more difficult as time goes by. It's not enough to give the steps to media reform, you must go up those steps and make it happen, same can be said about all our other goals. We want a pleasent life, and they are taking that away from us, the only way we can get back on track is by actually following through with these actions. They will resist everything we do and go against our efforts but we must continue, through all our tasks, ones that we only have to do because of them and what they are doing to us. So yes, it's worth worrying about, and thinking about in general, especially how to end what they are doing, which is not easy, and it won't be either, but again we must

     This morning a nice older lady in my building was robbed while she slept, she woke and held on to her walker which the person wrestling it away from her took. Was this for cigarettes? No. For marijuanna? No. Those type of drugs generally don't have people stealing to get them. What does however is crack, cocaine. What a shitty morning, to see this, i helped all i could but the person who did this got away. The problem is that crack, from what i've seen of people addicted to it, is so good that it makes you do all sorts of crime to pay for it. Men steal, women turn to the sex trade for it. Addiction also goes up to the top as well, where people can afford it to some extent. i've seen personally lives that have been ruined, and seen countless others fall prey to this drug and commit crimes to get it. There is a solution though, first let me talk about smoking cigarettes, i have smoked since i was about 13 years old, and only recently quit, something i am very very happy about. What helped a lot was a medication called Champix, what this medication does is inhibit the part of the brain that gets pleasure from having a cigarette, so for the two weeks you are taking Champix you are quitting while smoking, and after that you just don't need to smoke. The reason i bring this up is that there is also a medication like this to quit cocaine, which you can look up about with a search of quit cocaine medication. Crack, cocaine, and other hard drugs are a major problem in our society, i wish it wasn't that way but it is, maybe people charged with hard drug offences should be made to take these medications to help them, it sure is something we need to work on. Never. Do. Crack. please, for your sake and the sake of others, it will ruin your life. If you are addicted please look into these mentioned medications. As for the elite with their insatiable hunger for those drugs, they are ruining our lives to get them, all of our lives in a grand scheme to have us pay for their addiction. This is one of the reasons the Federal Reserve is so protected from being dismantled by us. But we must. See what's being done to get drugs, and maybe impose that law to require those medications be administered as one of their conditions. What we have now can be depressing, let's make this better as best we can

     Today is the 15th anniversary of the 9-11 airplane attacks in New York City, i will however let you decide the facts behind and about this and speak more about false flag attacks in general. To speak about 9-11 though let me just say that the facts that are there lead to it have being at least been allowed to happen and even helped along, at most plotted and orchestrated by those in power looking to advance their Middle East agenda. False flag attacks are nothing new, with America at full tilt against Middle Eastern nations this plays right into the Israeli agenda and puts into being what Israel could have only dreamed of. America doesn't get anything out of this, it's all for Israels gain, taking out their adversaries in the region thanks to the United States who now needs to borrow money to fund this new war, racking up interest on these funds in the process. Israel is using America as a fly swatter, attack here, attack there, terror terror terror. Meanwhile the cause of most terror is Israeli agenda put forth into American foreign policy, and the actions of Israel itself. i do not condone terrorist attacks, real events or the ones plotted by Israel that also take real lives, all in an effort to shape their congress in Washington. You need to be suspicious though, not all of these attacks are being done by Isis and Al-Qaeda, that's where false flags come in. Where you have the desires of a rogue nation like Israel who wants to achieve their goals but needs to get other nations to do their bidding, so they attack the desired country, like America, and blame it on another country who they want to be wiped out. This has been going on since the dawn of time and war, and is still being done. So before you blame Muslims for 9-11, read up on the facts, and watch a couple documentaries about Israel and their actual involvement in this horrible event, then let people know, as has been going on with many in the 9-11 truth movement. Join with them and help expose the real perpetrators so that the dead in this have that group brought to justice

     Time matters and speed is of the essence. While we have our downtime or relax in any way we are being worked against at that same moment. They have offices where they plot their next actions, constantly thinking and planning on how they will try and slight us, again and again, over and over, that's what they do. While we take time to enjoy life, the opposition takes time to try and ruin ours. With so many of us though we can each designate tasks for each other, areas that we can all work on in tandem to achieve and complete. As we go about our lives others are losing theirs, being robbed, threatened, murdered and tortured by the Zionist entity, which is why we must do what we can as soon as we can. Any time we take off, and we do need some time off once in a while, but any time we take off plays into their hands as they are constantly planning on how next to harm us and what we care about. Where it matters most would have to be those being tortured, with the ones in media it's happening to being the most visible. Any time we take off means more torture for them. In music, albums and videos, they are trying to be more discreet, but it's still there as anyone who has been taken are still taken, just not as obviously. As for lives being lost, this is happening not only in the Middle East by Israeli hands, but by those same hands in other nations under the guise of others. Crimes perpetrated daily for political reasons that benefit the Zionist entity in various ways, resulting in many losses for what matters to us. So every day things such as these and more goes on and we together must also every day counter what they are doing in the best way we can. As long as you put in your effort, continued, soon and always, we can manage to do this and get through to a better place for all of us

     The Zionist entity is using human sheilds literally and figuratively. Literally by their army, whether strapping Palestinians to the front of their jeeps or having them enter a room first in a hostile area. In this and elsewhere Israeli citizens, and Jews the world over think of us as less than human, as cattle, the word gentile denoting non-Jew, here for their own gain regardless of our well being. Then there is figuratively, putting their own good ones, and there are those of them, forward before them to try and stop us from ending their global occupation plot. Even those good ones mentioned know the dire situation we're in, that we have no other option left, and we've tried, since the opposition is saying you can't do anything about us, what about these people over here, and there. Well they've ruined things for themselves. Yes, there are innocent ones, and there will be sad times, it's during these times when the strength of your character will really be tested. i can't stand violence, and it's disturbing to see on the news when it happens, this is different, this is a systemic problem with only one solution left, and we need to be as humane as possible while doing all of this. It's unfortunate that we have to resort to this, however it's the last option we are left with, and they know that as well. Get past the human sheilds of theirs as we can't let them continue in any way, shape or form. We need to end their torture, killing, stealing and everything else they are doing against us, past, present and planned for the future. All of this is their own doing, and can only blame themselves for what is and will be going on and being done

     Bravery is something all of us need to have, if we don't have it already then it needs to be something we train ourselves to gain. Bravery is not about running head-on blindly into danger, you still need to be cautious and have your sense aout you, but you need to realize that others are depending on you to help them in times of need. No one knows this as much as first responders, fire, ambulance and police men and women who's job it is day after day to put themselves at risk to save people who need their help and a lot of the time the situation is a matter of life and death. These people are the bravest of us, and we need to learn how to be brave in our own lives, to save people just like they do and stand up to the oppressors of the world. Personally i think what's happening in Palestine needs all of our attention, not only because of the horrible conditions and treatment by Israel, but also how Israeli interests are treating the global populace, again largely in America, their cash machine. Murder, threats and crimes of more of these to anyone who stands up to them, this is why we must be brave, other nations are at risk but American foreign policy shapes what happens in these regions, American foreign policy directed and put into place by Israel and their agents in congress, bought off or threatened. Since the entire world is in danger because of this one problematic entity all other issues must wait their turn while we deal with this and them. With so much to do there needs to be a whole lot of very brave people willing to put themselves at risk for the benefit of others who either cannot stand up for themselves for whatever reason or are scared, and yes there are people scared, we must stand up for them as well. For our family, friends and neighbors we must take on this oppresor of people worldwide and end their reign whch is built on this fear of them. We must follow the path of all the goals we need to achieve for our happiness and well being as a global community. A global community that protects each other. And we can't do all of this while we're scared, so whatever way you want to get over that fear we'll all be here ready and waiting for your help

     Let everything you do come from a good place, and appriciate when others put forward the good of themselves. You'll need to watch out though as some others, like the Zionist entity as a group, are trying to fool and mislead you for their own varied benefits. Everything they do, every detail, is against you, they plot and scheme to no end on how, exactly, would be the best way to screw you over. Every decision and detail they make in their media follows the agenda they are trying to push to the people who are unfortunately, for now, consuming said media. It may be tempting to watch cnn or any other Zionist channel or such, but you really need to realize that they have bad intentions and this permiates into absolutely everything they do and say. Do not play into their hands by actively watching them try and brainwash you, even if you know about what they're up to already, you will have a much clearer, happier life. Zionist media concentration is at various levels in various nations, but the worst has to be America, with virtually every television station run by Israeli Zionist interest. There are steps to follow for media reform, it's just a matter of actually doing it. Start organizing the people who also want this, and there are many, to yes organize, protest and run awareness campaigns to grow the movement about accomplishing this much needed task. About agenda though, and why we need these specific rulers of media gone and replaced with people with good intentions. For what media we have now, and not much of it is ours, just don't watch, as soon as i see that something is from Zion off it goes, or at least to something that is ours, again not much. As for us, good people naturally put good stuff forward, just beware of the ones who aren't and don't

     Damn we're amazing. Just think that about a century ago the Wright brothers made their first flight, now we have fleets of planes carrying passengers all over the world. There are examples after examples like this, these great things we have done and have made. We are in the cusp of the dawn of advanced civilization, going faster and faster because of new technology combining with a population boom and other factors to spur it along such as coffee and television. Looking around it boggles the mind to see how well we've done and are doing while getting better and more advanced at a staggering pace. All is not well though, there are problems, ones that can be expected and ones that are not. The expected ones are being worked on, drugs, poverty, terrorism and such, but we also face a secret entity, the Zionist entity, and they are in full force behind the scenes, working against us while they distract us with the media they own. So while we've been inventing, improving and working very hard to better our lives and the lives of others, this Zionist entity has been planning our downfall from days past to days present and as we speak. There is a lot to do, we need to take back what has been taken from us, money, media and in the Middle East land. We cannot rest, as while we go about our daily lives they plot against us, and we need to counteract everything they've done, do and attempt. The plans laid out in the Protocols must not be allowed to continue, and everything they have done, ruined, needs to be undone. Do well, this is something we can't ignore and will take a lot of effort on our part to make this and everything attached to it ours and for us again

     Zionism has a few meanings, the one most people are familiar with is Zionism being the formation of a Jewish state on Palestinian land, promised by Britain to the Jews in 1917. This is one meaning of the word. However the Zionism i am referring to is political Zionism, a plan, plot, to overthrow world governments and take over their monetary systems. This plot has been going on for centuries but was detailed and put into action during a meeting in the late 1800's. The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. We found out this plot but since most media is owned by the same conspirators you never hear it mentioned. In comes the internet, a media for and by us where we cannot be easily muzzled. Nor should we let ourselves be at any time in our future. Now we can put forward information, organize, and take action, which we have no choice but to act on or lose everything we hold dear to a group hell bent on ruining our lives for the sake of their greed, which is what this is all about, it's not about power, just the money that is generated by us, the mechanisms designed to solely benefit them at our own expense. So here is a blog, looking to throw a wrench in their plans, to take everything that's ours back and replace with policy that is for the good of each nation we are in, ridding ourselves of this entity, the global Zionist entity, and save the future for us and those we care about, for generations to come. So, you start a blog, maybe make some calls and send some email, the internet is ours and they will have a hard time taking it from us, we must all stand up and do what we have in our ability to help each other accomplish these goals, and there are many, all intertwined and put on us by them. Choose what you can do for the better of each other and go for it, there's so much to make better, right now there are people and issues that need you to do what you can, so join in and get started